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Feel-Good Hormones

We all have a reward system in our body: Feel-Good Hormones. They work through our brain and make us feel great. They are produced when we are happily in love, become successful, receive good feedback from people, achieve our goals, or simply finish a mighty work-out. Here they are...

* Oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’) is responsible for social bonding and feelings of trust. Nobody feels safe on their first day at work – it takes time. But if you have been at your job for several months or even years, ask yourself: how connected to your colleagues do you feel, and how much do you trust and respect your boss?

* Dopamine (the ‘joy hormone’) drives us to hit our goals and feel successful. It is released every time we get stuff done and check an item off our to-do list. How autonomous do you feel in your job and in your ability to grow within your company?

* Serotonin (the ‘happiness hormone’) is released when you feel accepted, respected, and admired by others. How often are you recognized for your contributions at work?

* Endorphins (the ‘runners high’) are the same chemicals that are released when we laugh. They are also released to help you keep going while you are working hard. Have you noticed that sometimes it is hard to start a project, but, once you are fully into it, it is hard to stop? It feels good to make progress!

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