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How We Work Together and Pricing


In my individualized health coaching, I provide information and consultancy on your wellness and follow your progress.

Here are some of the services you will receive for a minimum period of six months:

~Even with no health concerns, I can help you slow the aging process,

~Prevention of chronic diseases by making smart tweaks in your life,

~If you have a disease and  receive treatment, I will support you to make sure you feel better,

~I will show you the way to have lower inflammation and stronger immunity, 

~I will help you to how to listen to your body and mind to benefit nature's healing power (Homeostasis).

~I will be available to listen and help you discover your priorities, and find out what works best for you,

~I will fill the gap between the traditional medical practice and you as a person with your individual needs, desires,and lifestyle,

~Overcoming food sensitivities by an elimination diet,

~In my health coaching, I will be supporting you within a broader context in your pursuit for better health,

~I will not instruct or control you will just make suggestions for small changes by presenting you with options to choose,

~Together with you, we will devise a 6-month plan for sustainable improvement and habit formation. 


As for the pricing, the Bio-Individual Health Profile will be SEK 4,000, the monthly fee will be SEK 2000 for a period of six months

with bi-weekly meetings. 

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