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Your Bio-Individual Health

To create your "Bio-individual health profile", we get together to talk about your health story through a structured interview. This will cover your physical health, emotional and social life, your lifestyle choices and your daily routine. Within a system developed by Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I will be able to construct your Bio-individual health profile. You will see a global picture of your health in this profile. This will help you become more aware of your health needs and make improvements. I will not offer you an alternative treatment nor prescribe you diets. I always recommend you to consult your doctor first for your health issues. I then support you with your ongoing treatment through strengthening your immune system by an optimal lifestyle. I listen to you intently in order to understand your needs. A personalized protocol will be prepared together with you. We will periodically check your progress together. All information given by you will be confidential. Initial work starts with a six-month program.  You have a possibility to continue consulting me as you choose.  


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