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Your Health Coach: Nurten Özkoray

Nurten Ozkoray

Healthy living became my passion after I went through a brain surgery in 2016. Surgery was successful and I healed completely. I got curious about why we get sick and how we can prevent it. Also I started to work on my own health and became conscious of our physical, mental and emotional being as a whole entity. I took my health issue as a warning sign for a much-needed change in my lifestyle, my relationships and my self-perception. I began reading medical research on the origins of diseases and the relationship between our mind, body, soul, lifestyle and health. In this vast field, I have accumulated valuable information about how we can slow aging, prevent diseases to live a healthier and happier life. I helped myself adapt a healthy lifestyle and sustainable habits that support it before helping others. I keep myself up to date on new scientific findings about health. I studied in the USA and Turkey in humanities and received an MA in Sociology. I built a corporate communications business, wrote books in the sociology field, worked as a lecturer at Bogaziçi, Istanbul and Galatasaray Universities. I have studied health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Harvard School of Medicine, the USA. Originally from Istanbul, I have been a resident in Sweden since 2015, worked as a researcher at the Institute for Future Studies, and as a circle leader at ABF, Stockholm prior to founding Juno Medical for health coaching and related services. 

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