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A Simple Formula To Stay Young!

Throughout hundreds of research that I scanned over the years, I came up with the following simple formula to stay young:

Integrating your mental, spiritual and physical wellness. Yes, it looks simple but how? Let me explain with a list:

For mental health, keep on learning new things, a new language, reading (not only watching), trying to solve crossword puzzles, playing games, creative activities such as painting, sculpting, pottery, carpentry, weaving, writing, all kinds of handwork.

For spiritual health, keeping stress levels low by meditating, praying, socializing, having loving relationships, helping others, having pets, doing gardening, being in nature, yoga, traveling. Keep a positive mindset with a lot of gratitude.

For physical health, eating plant-based whole foods, predominantly a type of Mediterranean diet with organic food, limiting alcohol to occasional red wine, no smoking, no added sugar, no processed foods, and exercising regularly by combining aerobic and resistance exercise.

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