Nurten Özkoray ,
your health coach

Welcome to your journey for a younger and healthier version of yourself!

I am Nurten Özkoray, an Institute for  Integrative Nutrition educated health coach and

founder of Juno Medical.

My approach is to view you as a unique individual within the spectrum of all your health

factors and offer you the best solutions to slow and even reverse aging. ​

No matter your age, gender, culture, beliefs, and health status, I will be able to help

and guide you through your specific health goals with science-based knowledge. You

will be making lifestyle adjustments regarding food, exercise, and mental wellness.

Small steps will lead you to a healthier and happier life. Instead of miracle promises,

strict diets, "one-fits-all formulas", I offer honest science and easy changes at your own

pace. I will walk with you until you reach your goals.

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Stockholm/SWEDEN  Email:  Tel: +46768519507