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Reversing The Aging Process Is Possible!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If aging is destructive, it must be handled as a disease. How can this process be slowed down or even reversed? Many scientists and doctors are working on this.

Dr. Valter Longo, Dr. Davis Sinclair, Dr. David Perlmutter are some of the top experts. Here is what I learned from them:

* All of their research show that plant-based whole foods are the best alternative,

* Fasting cleans out the body in a way to rejuvenate and get rid of senescent cells,

* A combination of different types of exercise in a regular manner goes a long way,

* Insulin stability is one of the keys to keep organs healthy,

* Gut health is of utmost importance,

* Stress management is necessary,

* Socializing and happy relationships add healthy years to your life.

In my coming blog posts, I will take up each of these poins and explain them in detail.

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